To the world. Our finest quality Japanese tea.

Our brand

There is no flat roard for compete with low-priced green tea in the world. Green tea has many fans in the world, and it is a familiar beverage item. We believe that the true value of fine green tea must be properly evaluated. We offer two brands based on the tea leaves carefully selected by us based on the policy of "Good products at fair prices".


ZENJIRO is our finest tea brand name and is the brand name of our entire business. The conditions for producing good tea leaves are not limited to green tea and are common throughout the world. Such as Darjeeling in India and Uva in Ceylon. All of them have high altitude and fog is generated. The fog moderately blocks the sunlight and enriches the theanine, which is a delicious component. In addition, the highlands produce a difference in temperature during the day and store the umami components carefully. Our company carefully tailors tea leaves, which is the most famous place in Japan where fog is generated.
ZENJIRO brand products are offered at our directly managed sites, directly managed stores and memeber stores, and served as beverage menus at hotels and restaurants around the world.


TCHA-TCHA is the sub-brand of ZENJIRO and also a store brand name. The production area is the same as ZENJIRO, but there are many variations and you can also enjoy the limited-time blend at the store.
TCHA-TCHA brand products can be enjoyed not only at our directly managed sites, directly managed stores and member stores, hotels and restaurants around the world, but also at our certified online shopping sites in each country.



Bringing Japanese food culture to the world

As our related business, we are disseminating the regions, special products, crafts techniques, etc. of Japan related to Japanese food culture to the world through our media. We also hold exhibition events at our French stores and direct information to restaurants around the world.

Sites operated by us

European EC site:
Domestic EC site: TCHA-TCHA
Website introducing Japanese culture: Japan Culture Club


Our shops

Lyon, France "TCHA-TCHA Confluence"
Food truck "cruising kitchen TCHA-TCHA" in Japan 

Our lineup examples

Tea bag- Sencha
Tea bag- Hojicha
Tea bag-Blend
ZENJIRO leaf series
TCHA-TCHA leaf series
TCHA-TCHA powder series