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Japan is blessed with abundant nature as an island country in the mid-latitude region. Since the Westerners who came to Japan more than 300 years ago published a natural history magazine about Japan, a treasure trove of plants, Japan has continued to be a country of interest to the West.
Japanese agriculture and food culture have been inherited and improved by the efforts of many ancestors. On the other hand, however, the results are still stayed domestic. In addition, good agricultural products are not always produced only in flat farm fields , industrially mechanized places, but are often achieved by manual sweat and careful labor.
We hope to continue to maintain abundant nature and to provide agricultural products grown by manual labor to people around the world with their reasonable value and their results, for the sake of future Japan.

ZENJIRO is our Japanese tea brand name. TCHA-TCHA is a brand that pursues wider contact points. We hope to contribute to the "quality of life" of people around the world through these two brands.