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Our company name, JYXYER [ji-zai-ya], is come from "Jiyu-Jizai" of Japanese words. "Jiyu" means freedom, and "Jizai" means "at will". In modern times, everyone has freedom, but not everyone can live at their will.
Everyone has to fulfill obligations to get the right to freedom.
We named our company JYXYER with all that effort so that we can carry out the mission that we want to fulfill in society.

Company Profile

JYXYER Co., Ltd.

215-0018 Ozenji East 1-chome, Aso-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Tel: 044-281-4104
Established: January 2003

  • Manufacturing, retailing and exporting of Japanese tea
  • Operation and management of restaurants
  • Business Development Strategist

Office: Hakone Lab (product R&D and domestic mail-order business, etc.)
Hakone Lab overlooking Lake Ashi is developing green tea products and menus, as well as conducting domestic mail-order sales. 



Lyon 3E, France
Established: January 2019
Capital: EUR 100,000

  • Import and sales of Japanese tea within the European Union
  • Operation and management of a teahouse

Salon de thé TCHA-TCHA (Lyon 2E, Japanese tea cafe)
Lyon in France is a food capital where top chefs such as Paul Bocuse gather, and the world competition is held every two years. There is a Japanese tea cafe operated by a subsidiary in two wards of the peninsula where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet. You can also hold an event to display and introduce special products from all over Japan in the 90-square-meter store with plenty of seats.





ZENJIRO Zenjiro and Kyubei

Our brand name, ZENJIRO, is derived from Ozenji Temple in Aso Ward, Kawasaki City. Ozenji is the temple founded by Emperor Koken in the Nara period (757). The history of Japanese tea began with the introduction of tea seeds in 805, and it was still for Buddhist monks, royalty and aristocrats. Ozenji temple was named in 917 by Emperor Daigo, and prospered as a temple for the protection of the eastern country and a shrine for Shingon esoteric Buddhism. It is thought that tea was transmitted to Ozenji Temple because Monk Kukai also liked tea. It was 700 years ago when Sen no Rikyu completed the tea ceremony in Kyoto. From this place, which is one of the roots of Japanese tea, ZENJIRO is now working daily to spread high quality Japanese tea to the world.
Kyubei is a name inherited by our representative and not a brand name. Currently, he is Kuroda Kyubei, the 16th generation. The Kuroda family was originally from Kita-omi (north eastern of lake Biwa) , and the first generation Kyubei, was a direct vassal of Hidenaga, the younger brother of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. From the second generation Kyubei Naotsugu, he serve as a samurai general to Kato Yoshiaki, who is famous as the Seven spear general of Shizugatake. He also attended Odawara attacks and went on to take advantage of the military activities to obtain six hundred koku (income enough to hire 600 subordinates) in Ehime. However, when he defended Shikoku as a vacant role in the battle of Sekigahara, he independently challenged the Mohri army, and was killed by 12 bullets of guns. After that, even in the Tokugawa's era, the Kuroda family was the domain of Aizu clan with the Hereditary feudal lord Kato clan, and finally the Samurai admiral as the domain of Minakuchii in Koga area in Omi (near Kyoto). During the period when the Kato family was punished, the Kuroda family was also a samurai general at the Hisamatsu Matsudaira family in the Ise Kuwana clan (relatives of the Shogun). After the Meiji era, Kozan Kuroda (13th generation), a children's literary artist, was close to Iwaya Sazanami, the lyricist of the Ministry of Education's song "Fuji no Yama," and Nagai Kafu, who was stationed in Lyon, France. The next Michiyuki was also the first professor of the Department of Brewing, Tokyo University of Agriculture.
The 16th generation Kuroda Kyubei, who promotes ZENJIRO brand, is a new tea that can contribute to the health of people around the world while maintaining the spirit and history of Japanese tea and Zen from Kanagawa, the birthplace of samurai culture. Advocate a different lifestyle and contribute to everyone's quality of life.