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The tea plantation of the Mino Shirakawa is located at the southwest of the northern Alps mountains in the middle of Japan and its area belongs to "the most beautiful village districts".

Mino Shirakawa is the northern limit of the tea production area of Japan, and the mountain tea plantation is located at 600 m in altitude. River mist envelops the mountain tea plantation and blocks sunlight moderately. Thus, a sweet, fragrant and soft tea leave grows here, and this tea leave is called natural Gyokuro.
The production of Mino Shirakawa amounts to only 1% of the tea gross production  in Japan. Furthermore, our skilled connoisseur selects tea leaves carefully.  ZENJIRO TEA calls this brand "1/100 Mino Shirakawa". 


For a Healthy Lifestyle

Unlike fermented black tea and Chinese tea, Japanese green tea generally focuses on extracting the healthy ingredients of tea leaves by stopping their fermentation rather than seeking their aroma. 

  • Please do not brew with 100°C boiled water like black tea or Chinese tea, because the flavorful and healthy ingredients of Japanese green tea require optimum brewing temperature.
  • Please do not brew using hard water, the fragrance and color worsen, and the best result cannot be attained. Our recommended mineral water as soft water is Volvic.


Mino Shirakawa tea originally has umami-taste and has a relaxing action to protect nerve cells. Because of the high theanine content, it is best to brew it with hot water at 60 °C.  It is also recommended to brew it with cold water a little over time.

Catechin with blood cholesterol lowering, body fat lowering action, antioxidant action, etc. has more than twice the effect of fermented tea such as black tea and Chinese tea, so it is ideal for a better way of life to maintain health while enjoying relaxation every day.


My Favorite Wings

The appeal of green tea has to do with the way you enjoy delicious flavors be it in a warm tea or cold one. Even in indoors or outdoors, even with hot cup or cold glass, people can enjoy it freely in situations suitable for each season.

It will seem like you get free wings, as if released from your own restrictions. You will be able to enjoy your fully personalized lifestyle with ZENJIRO TEA.