July 11, 2019

We issued our first digital magazine "Hakone, Sans-façon" on the "issuu" platform. 

June 26, 2019

We decided to open our first "tcha-tcha" tea house in the Confluence area in Lyon. 

January 30, 2019

We participated in an event of "Sirha 2019" in Lyon and ZENJIRO green tea received high marks from consumers.  

January 25, 2019

We created our subsidairy company in Lyon.



July 1, 2018
We participated in an event of "C'est Bon! le Japon" in Paris and ZENJIRO green tea received high marks from consumers.  
February 27, 2017

We participated in an event for JETRO Paris and received high marks from chefs in Paris.

 Special thanks to Chiho Kanzaki and her team.
September 13, 2018

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our web site as we are pushing ahead to make a leap.

We redesigned the site, and from now on, we will post activities and related information of Japanese green tea ZENJIRO.


Japanese green tea is basically picked four times a year. Tea leaves plucked from the end of April to the middle of May are called "the first tea" and are called "new tea" because they are picked first.

The second picked tea is from the middle of June until the beginning of July. The third picked tea is from the end of July to the beginning of August. The fourth picked tea is from the end of September until the beginning of October.


In Japan, tea picking opportunities start from the south of Kyushu region in the middle of April earliest. In the end is the time of the first picking in mid May happens in the Mino Shirakawa area at the northern limit.

Japanese green tea is also a food weak against oxidation like as other general fresh foods. Please consume it as soon as you open it.
A paulownia box for tea leaves was the only hygroscopic preservation method in the past because there was no other choice for preservation. However, oxidation cannot be prevented. Generally the expiry date allows the tea to last about one year. Please enjoy green tea for a longer term to block oxidation.